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Your shoes lack of these shoes
Maybe you have a lot of nike outlet store shoes in the shoe, but when you want to match it, why? Small dirt to tell you this is because although you shoes, but no basic models without the classic models. Each girl's shoe cabinet should have so few pairs of classic shoes. Today, a small dirty to introduce you to several standing shoes.

Essential paragraph: black small shoes

This same color, at a glance, looks very harmonious, the same color skirts and shoes make people's attention focused on the lower body, so the cheap nike sneakers legs will look very long, a similar method there is black silk plus black shoes With

nike free 5.0 Black stockings and black shoes more than black socks more mature feeling, more suitable for winter work with white-collar workers, the general office are hot, but the road a bit cold only. So summer can be equipped with socks, winter stockings.

Essential paragraph: red shoes

Red shoes is a very jumpy color, accidentally will take away all the highlights, or with a bad will give a very rustic feeling, so with red shoes must pay attention to color elements, do not follow Red grab spot, do not want more than one bright spot, it is best to have a red upper body with the color factor, and lower body shoes to form a harmonious picture.

Essential models: canvas shoes

Canvas shoes are suitable for all groups of shoes can be equipped with skirts Shoes no matter what will be equipped with a sunshine air max 90 feeling always feel that people will be young and old.

Essential paragraph: Black Mary Su shoes

This Mary Jane shoe is ideal for multi-level dress to make you more elegant at the same time a more gentle.