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Woman boots such a match, the goddess of God turned goddess
And ankle boots + black feet pants

Short boots with feet pants is the most common kind of match, black pants as the same will never be obsolete single product, not only very thin but also super significant leg length, a good stretch of the entire proportion of people, while black is also a Very wild color, whether it is with a coat, windbreaker or sweater, you can easily hold live.

When wearing foot pants can also be appropriate curling, ankle exposed, so whether it is with pointed, round boots, or high heels with low, will not seem very unexpected, but can maximize the modification of the leg curve, anytime, anywhere Highlight femininity.

This womens boots pointed rough design, selection of first layer of leather, soft, breathable, shiny. The shoe body is also designed metal buckle, low profile without losing the atmosphere, for the insignificant body of the shoe is added a vitality, the use of rubber sole shoes, which can effectively slip. There are two shoes color, red and black, according to their own preferences and personality to choose the most suitable for their own oh.

And ankle boots + jeans

Many people think that only suitable for spring and autumn wear jeans, when you are with the bottleneck, not to prevent try-boots with jeans. Tight jeans not only black leg pants can be modified like legs, play the effect of lengthening body proportions. And jeans more stylish texture, with a coat, very temperament, many of the big stars in Europe and America like so oh.

In addition to skinny jeans, you can also choose the loose wide-leg style with boots, with a long coat, the gas minutes minutes came, it is suitable for nike sale those tall girls, but the short sisters wear will be very high . But in any case can not easily blind imitation, to choose the most suitable for their own is the most important.

And ankle boots + A word skirt

nike sneakers Boots plus a word skirt is also a good match in the nike shoes men winter with a pleated skirt plus black silk, both warm and very significant figure, and then with a pair of boots, flew immediately appeared temperament, the above with a short effect better. If you want to take the intellectual route, you can choose the long section of the package hip skirt, the cheap nike shoes perfect waist modification, highlighting the hip curve, very enchanting.

But the little girl must pay attention when wearing a short skirt, do not wear long boots, not only looks very short legs, and little temperament at all, and even others will feel that your clothing is poor. In fact, from the dress with a girl, more or less understand this girl's character oh.