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Winter with what shoes look good?
British retro shoes

nike free Everyone lives in the heart of a princess, also like to dress themselves as a princess, this British retro shoes with a princess atmosphere, with a horns buckle coat, it will appear more quiet, especially for girls who have a dream in mind, Of course, prom dresses it will be very suitable for student party. This shoe is relatively simple, but without losing the shape, gently wear, the effect immediately came out. When buying shoes to pay attention to the material, if you do not pay attention to selection, there may be grinding feet oh.

Scrub shoes

Scrub shoes are made of different materials, upper material texture is very good, but also very stylish, people look at a sense of seniority, and it should not be deformed, wearing the effect will be more lean, precisely because of its many advantages , Has become the choice of most young girls. If you feel low to help a little low-key scrub shoes, then you can choose frosted shoes with tassels, the kind will look more stylish.

Martin boots

A pair of winter shoes is essential Martin shoes, Martin shoes will wear more delicate, but also will be relatively warm, relatively ordinary shoes, Martin shoes increased the sense of modeling, shoelaces on the upper also increased Handsome, especially suitable for down jacket or woolen coat, even if the short clothes can still hold live. Because Martin boots have shoelaces, so it will reduce the squatting station produced by the sense of upper folds, the advantage is still relatively large.

Winter Peas shoes

This year's special popular Peas shoes, furry lining and vamps, purple wedding dress so that the entire winter have added a touch of temperature and playful feel. Upper body wearing woolen coat or down jacket, with warm peas shoes, still can be very stylish. Peas shoes, there are many colors, personally think the best gray or black clothes, other red, yellow, though good-looking, but with clothes will appear more abrupt, but this still depends on personal preferences.

snow boots

Snow boots are particularly suitable for cold winter wear, it has layers of thick fuzz, so that feet always keep warm, snow shoes shape is more, but most seem more hypertrophy, but the winter itself will be thicker down jacket, with On the snow boots but more appropriate. The warmth of snow boots will be better than other shoes, so many people like it, its shape is also a lot of young and old can wear out.