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Winter wear down jacket, with what shoes only warm and beautiful?
Down jacket + snow boots: warm essential

Even the temperature in the southeast coastal areas have dropped below 0 , and you are not ready to wear snow boots? You see, trendy are wearing snow boots with down jacket, we can see that this mix is not rustic.

In fact, really do not have to fear feather + snow boots no sense of fashion, as long as the attention to the details with the same can be stylish! For example, your leg length must be appropriate, and stuffed into the snow boots to keep part of the flat. "Unhurried" is the down jacket + snow boots, the key to the success of the model, we must always pay attention to this detail!

Down jacket + knee boots: was thin was high

Boots have a good convergence of the role of the boots never "dropped", nike free 5.0 it can also play to weaken the effect of down jacket sense of expansion. Therefore, this set is also the airport "street beat army" in the winter one of the favorites.

nike shox clearance On the tight match with the laws of the winter was thin "Golden Rule." Just follow this principle, down jacket will not be a permanent match with the problem. However, when you wear a down jacket with knee boots, pay attention to the length of the jacket, at nike free least to ensure that there is a 3CM left and right gap between the clothes hem and the highest point of the boot.

Down jacket + ankle boots: Durable Variety

Today, ankle boots can be said to be among the ICON-level single product status, from late summer to winter can be worn. One of the most classic black to wear, no matter what your color or style down jacket, a pair of black ankle boots can match. The easiest to wear the program is to use bright-colored jacket with blue jeans and ankle boots, so you get out of the dull winter. Down jacket and popular white boots last year also quite take the ride, white boots can make the down jacket fresh cheap nike shoes light up.

Winter wear skirts can also be combined with down jacket and ankle boots, elegant and feminine. Of course, in order to keep warm, add a thick warm leggings skirt is also very important.

Down jacket + Martin boots: cool and tough

Martin boots and general ankle boots different styles, it has a cool feeling, with a jacket, can add a whole style of sexy, more distinctive.

Top black tights and Martin boots with. This is not only very handsome to wear, but also with a short paragraph down jacket, the whole body with the next extension of the same color is absolutely very high wear out.