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Winter ready 3 pairs of shoes, a button to get trousers with short skirts
Each girl must have 3 pairs of shoes in winter, a pair of wild, a pair of long skirts, a pair of short skirts. Is not that very Niubi very good stone pot fish, I need a little cheers to continue writing for you these three pairs of winter shoes Yeah ~ ~!

Short boots

nike sale Booties for girls who like to wear skirts is a lifesaver, I myself have no objection to these words, and my friends are essential winter pair of boots. Generally speaking, in order to pull up the visual big long leg lines, discount nike shoes we will not buy skirts and pants 10 minutes in length, most of them maintained at 7-9 points, 9 pants or pants will even fold one or two layers up, especially Jeans and harem pants, no doubt.

Booties + trousers + coat with: As usual, the color does not exceed 3 kinds of the most suitable.

Legs more slender can wear tight pants. Individuals who wear coats will prefer flat items because of the winter clothes wear, and if heels are thin heels, it nike trainers looks like the whole person is a little bit unsteady, especially from the back.


The little girl thinks her legs are too ugly and too short to wear long boots, but I like to see other people wear, which is enough. Long boots in addition to the characteristics of wild, warm effect is very good drops. Especially in winter, the girls prefer skirts and stockings, boots is a beautiful and practical one of winter magic. Oh no, there is not one in the shoes.

snow boots

Snow boots with boots almost the same, but the snow boots warm degree better, but not pick people, who can wear, big and soft. Oh ~ is to always sun, especially after experiencing a rainy day, inside the hair will produce bacteria.

Speaking of snow boots, you have to look at the way I think the wrong way to open: with leggings, some good people may wear good looks, but I always feel awkward.

Hey Well Well, I continue to say that I can not finish, these three pairs of shoes so beautiful, I should go and buy two pairs of spare, after all, labor and more wardrobe skirts.