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What kind of shoes with short skirts are more fashionable in 3 ways to learn
The season wearing short skirts is also a test of the season to wear. Because a large area of the exposed legs make shoes feel better. In many girls with the dictionary, short skirts with flat shoes is the right, but only with this? Many girls like to wear short skirts, but do not know what to wear with shoes, if not matched, it will appear more fat, more short. Today to teach you all the popular skirts and shoes with the method.

Short skirt with cat heel shoes

Cats and heel touches almost two years before it became popular in a style, it is nike shoes compared to the general hate high heels shortened a large part. But because with the shape is slowly from the bottom up so thick can show fine legs. Such a high degree of shoes means to wear, to be more comfortable, and just right to be able to extend the length of the legs from the back but from the front but it is no different from ordinary low-heeled shoes. So cats and dogs are wild style is not wrong.

Feelings with straps sandals

Short skirts are mostly worn in the summer, so why summer less comfortable and personalized straps sandals it? Straps sandals, usually also called Roman sandals, have a sense of vacation on their own and are comfortable to wear. However, it nike outlet should be noted that nike factory store if the legs are too thick or more meat, then do not recommend that kind of straps because it is very embarrassing to get out of the meat. At the same time to avoid the strap too thin will leave a heavy mark on the legs.

Short skirt with thick heels

Anyway, you want to directly increase the height of non-high-heeled shoes, but no hesitate to point high-heeled, nor is every girl can control, so two years ago, the popular thick heels is a very Good choice, compared to those sharp pointed heel shoes with better control, but also more comfortable.

nike factory outlet Rough through the rough to learn to behave a large extent to increase the comfort and stability, but it also takes into account the stylish and beautiful. Although the thick heel shoes with a bulky feeling, but good at short skirts can reveal a large area of the thigh, so light feeling and rough with heavy sense of offset each other, it seems just right.