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What kind of shoes should wear in early spring? Do you have all three of these?
kobe 11 1, bare-heeled shoes

Nude heels, as the name suggests, is to reveal the heel shoes. Closely wrapped in a winter baby I am afraid already can not wait to want to heat up, proper exposure of some skin can make styling more freedom. With a sweater jeans lazy casual, easy to create a small sexy do not deliberately not make a very sullen Oh ~ Like many common cat heels, as well as our well-known Muller shoes, are part of a bare-heeled shoes.

Mule shoes like this one have been Amway many times, very high sense. You want to show leg legs fine fairy, you can choose to expose large area of the instep, and is v-shaped openings. V-type mouth stretched the entire calf line, how to wear are big legs. Standing in a pair of shoes in the closet, whether traveling out or working commuting, can deal with these different scenes of life.

2, canvas shoes

A single product that represents youth and vitality can be said that there is nike shoes a classic fashion circle. People of any age are eligible for the pursuit of youth, spring get a pair of canvas shoes are very convenient to travel to the streets. Canvas shoes as lightweight sneakers or pants with more time. Canvas shoes with pants, we must do subtraction, black and white ash monotone can be the most convenient. To maximize their own sense of casual canvas shoes, coupled with a good bag looks very beautiful. With bf wind jeans, the streets of the ruffian appeared on the street, very casual and good-looking. White canvas shoes, with a light-colored bottoms is the most fitting. White set is a clean goddess wear, very retro sense.

3, Carrefour shoes

Although the trendy elements always evolve and replace, but always optimistic and lovers shoes changeable and stylish. If you think suits, windbreaker, some coats, how to wear are too mature or even old? lebron james shoes If you think of some lace, floral single product, wear cheesy or cheaper to wear? Then you can try shoes with Carrefour shoes or Oxford shoes. Carrefour and Oxford shoes bring their own attributes of age reduction, and they also weaken the sweetness of beauty, so that a number of overly feminine single product presents a superior mix and match effects. After the weather is hot, dresses can be worn, and lovers shoes with dresses, you can make you look less delicate, belong to the male and female take-all with!

Spring ~ ~ I can not wait, you ~ With these three pairs of shoes, the clothes inside the closet worry about with the perfect!