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What kind of shoes is better with jeans? Advanced version of the match to make your fashion doubled
cheap nike air max Everyone has jeans, if only with a small white shoes, it is inevitable that some rotten street. After all, "hit shoes is not terrible, who ugly who embarrassed", then what kind of shoes with jeans better?

Jeans with pointed shoes

Every day to hit the blackboard are saying, in order to be thin, you have to wear pointed shoes. Jenny that pointed shoes is the most feminine of a shoe. With jeans, minutes can be charming and moving. Red high heels more eye-catching fashion, nine points jeans and pointed shoes with the prospective right. You can also choose high-heeled style pointed shoes with cowboy bang pants. Slightly exposed toe more type. Lace section of the pointed shoes not only breathable, but also more refined. Strap style shoes more unique and unique, if the upper body color too prime, you can choose this more eye-catching colors.

Jeans with cat heels

If both have the comfort of slippers, but also has the value of pointed shoes. It must be a cat heels. This is the new darling of many girls Jeans and cat heels are elegant women dress up.

Rivet style can highlight personality. Flanging jeans, but a good piece of meat and meat, and cat with shoes with the usual work can be so wear. The same color with more texture, black is always the most classic color.

Jeans with a word with sandals

Speaking of this summer a pair of shoes, how can not mention the word with sandals. And jeans together is simply a perfect match. White jeans is more suitable for fresh summer, with a black word with sandals, noble and elegant. If you want to wear clothing with a sense of leisure, with a hole jeans more appropriate. Earrings and other accessories for your overall extra points. Will print T Department in the waist, revealing charming waist, make you more sexy. Rough with nike air max a strip of sandals more suitable cheap nikes for thick legs girls.

Jeans with slippers

Speaking of slippers, can not help but some people will question. Slippers and jeans can also be used together? We said that the slippers are not five dollars a pair of bath drag. When the street wind jeans encounter with the nature of the slippers will naturally hit the magic effect. This is a good description of the jeans and slippers together do not know how much times than the small white shoes fashionable times White letter T with jeans youthful, a pair of embroidery Chinese wind sandals make you more different.

Jeans with a pair of Lok Fu shoes style slippers, street shooting concave shape can Hold live. With a hole in the jeans is also a unique feature, but choose nine points show ankle can be more legs long. If you feel that slippers are too casual, you can choose this advanced version of "senior slippers", with splicing wide leg pants, incarnation of fashion up to people.