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What kind of shoes, and early summer only with?
Early summer is a very good word, as if the mints are as refreshing, but also like a glass nike store of lemon soda as sweet and sour. Beautiful season is necessary to match the United States and the United States clothing, Xiaobian today to say that this season is the most suitable for what to wear footwear it

NO.1 canvas shoes. Speaking of canvas shoes first thought may be in the library that you inadvertently with the sister, or the campus that recognized long dress goddess. Canvas shoes always give youth vitality, but also very easy to wear ride. So canvas shoes fashion trend is always enduring, whether it is classic black and white, or a variety of mashups have a unique beauty, classic black with a long skirt simple and simple, mix and match color can be used with popular holes jeans, Pocketed the rate back, minutes turned the street fashion up to people.

NO.2 small white shoes. Fire all over the fashion circle of small white shoes can be said to be wild king! If you have not prepared a pair of words that really out! Floral skirt with a small white shoes gentle and feminine, long skirt with a small white shoes temperament moving, if you are a "female man" can also be assured, jeans + T-shirt and small white shoes together seem basic basic is full The tide of children. Clothes with footwear is also an important work, a pair of small white shoes like eggs, regardless of what kind of dishes together will be very "delicious".

NO.3 flat shoes. Shoe is the most prominent women's charm of a class of shoes, in this season the most suitable for wearing. If now wear open-toed sandals for the early days do not say, with the good will not have the kind of sense of high. Single shoes can also modify the foot lebron 14 type, even if the foot a little fat to wear it will look good. Choose a flat shoes to wear cheap nike air max shoes will not tired feet, even if the shopping can also be able to control. Slightly pointed style will be more modified than the round leg lines, giving a sense of forward extension, with a package skirt or skirt pants will make people shines. Comfortable and breathable material, long wear is not tired, even better is that it is so wild, whether you want to take the sports wind or want to try Sen female system, are no sense of violation. Double buckle Velcro design, increased the sense of the design of shoes, different from the common small white shoes, give you a different way to wear wear. A pedal out quickly and neat, with college wind clothes full of students temperament blowing.

Do you want to climb a mountain or want to go for a walk? Do you want to get a meal or want to go for a meeting? Classic Converse wind a few colors for your choice, a variety of occasions, how to take a variety of styles on how to take, to retain the project wild single product.

Leather all-inclusive foot pedal music shoes, mesh or the whole skin is not too thick with a comfortable soft bottom to give you a new comfortable experience, the proposed mix with nine points wide leg pants with a simple T-shirt, tired lazy The wind gradually grows, let you go with each other.

nike outlet online Pointed shoes is the first choice of long legs, this suede pointed pointed to the beauty of the heart, with buckle-shaped hardware accessories to enhance the sense of design, regardless of skirt skirt, or trousers shorts, are wild no pressure.