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There is nike shoes on sale not a pair of shoes, both with fairy skirt can go out waves
Summer came, the shorts in the closet, skirts have a useless, can go out of the shoes has become a big problem, the temperature is like to give the feet also put a fake breathable, but since their own super love people Word drag always let others seem to think that is not formal, who said the word can only match with the home service? Who is said to wear the word can only go downstairs stroll a bend it?

In this year's spring and summer show field, we see a lot of models are wearing a flip flop, and even under the ultra-fire fairy skirt, even the characters black and white nikes can also be dragged with no sense of violation, do not believe, To a wave chart feel it.

Since the big chefs are in the choice of characters dragged concave shape, then as lazy us, why not drag the characters into a wind and water from the feeling of it? Can be used with fairy skirt, but also can wear out the summer lang, why not?

Goddesses are always love classic models, so you can see the gold and black characters dragged by a variety of match, seemingly simple yet temperament inside. This color is also very suitable for us usually wear, whether it is with a thin trousers, or a classic short vest + hot-haired pants, are summer is not wrong but cool and worth seeing the wear, weekend shopping or date Male tickets, fresh dress is also a simple look of fresh it

nike outlet In addition to fresh dress, you can also join the long skirt, and ankle dress and flip flops, you can wear a lazy holiday style. If you are bold enough, you can also learn the following picture on the side of the beans, silk nike shox open fork dress, sexy do not want to, do not have a sense of violation of the word, right?

A lot of lazy sister also like a small pants with a flip flop, especially when the weekend shopping, but also to the toes a weekend can take a good rest, whether it is sleeveless chiffon shirt or shirt or T-shirt can be fresh Not contrived.