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Summer slippers how to teach you to teach you a little coup fun summer
Slippers are a kind of shoes, followed by the whole empty, only in front of the toe, mostly flat, the material is often very soft leather, plastic, fabric and so on. Slippers nike shoes according to wearing occasions and performance purposes are somewhat different, generally based on comfort.

Summer, many girls have bid farewell to canvas shoes, sneakers and the like shoes, followed by slippers, and slippers is also very important, such as flip flops is a very common slippers, wear flip flops Of course, nike factory store white looks good, coupled with the pink nail polish is perfect, but ladies baby yo, then what kind of slippers should look good to wear it?

Flip-flops are also divided into high-priced and low-priced, high-priced Flip-Flops should wear skirts, dresses for the best choice, skirts are secondary. Of course, pants are to choose the short word drag and drop, which is flat flip flops, flat flip flops wear more flexible and convenient, especially like to wear shorts girls, even more fresh and refined.

There are decorative slippers is very good looking, as if in the decoration of your feet, but the choice of decoration is also a matter of exquisite, such as the choice of flowers to look good, flower blooms, the choice of decorative animal ornaments Be careful to choose, because the general choice of animal patterns will become discount nike shoes naive.

nike shoes High-heeled slippers MM's beloved, but high-heeled slippers if you choose the wrong, will also affect your style, high-heeled slippers to choose black, will look more attractive and sexy, thick with slippers to choose Warm color slippers, and then with the same color of the bag is perfect, of course, different colors of the bag is also possible, as long as the right mix.

Slippers are divided into many kinds, but each has the advantages of each one, as long as the right mix with it, so the choice of slippers and accessories are closely related with your clothes, you beautiful MM, how do you learn to choose slippers? With slippers yet?