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Straight jeans with what shoes before fashion!
Although nike shox the shoes are very small, but when the match is still very important, choose the right shoes with pants can give the overall shape plus points, but also make the whole shape more harmonious and perfect!

Joker jeans choice for the shoes do not have too many requirements, the overall is better with, then today we take a look at what type of straight jeans with fashion?

Slightly wide leg straight jeans plus burr design more fashionable, with a small white shoes with a very youthful eyes!

Feminine high heels essential, with a suit jacket is neat and neat, but also high heels are significant first!

Dark blue fur straight jeans with casual style black canvas shoes, casual and comfortable, college style full, revealing ankle length more stylish!

Nine straight straight jeans with black boots are also handsome full match, and then with a woolen coats even more stylish!

Sweaters with straight jeans and boots with a more gentle, handsome boots, sweaters, with a very harmonious out!

Straight jeans hole elements with fishing net design and casual shoes, it is very sexy temptation, but also the perfect occlusion leg type!

Straight your jeans with this retro style black and white stitching shoes, special fashion, high-end atmosphere.

Small popular autumn and winter shoes should not come pair! Straight your jeans with small black shoes, wild color, style is simple and convenient, very stylish.

nike sale Comfortable and comfortable straight jeans and comfortable with good sneakers is also very OK, looking very comfortable, fashion sense is also very good.

This body cowboy is also very OK with the choice of high-top Martin boots are also very handsome!

This hollow design of nikes on sale high heels are also very gentle, feminine, with out is also very nice!

With so much, which one do you prefer?