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Short boots with what is both high and thin? Do you know this match?
The same color with both high and significant thinning

Petite girl may think that wearing pants and short boots will look small, so they are afraid to try, in fact, not the case, as long as the color of the bottoms and shoes with the same, will not be significantly shorter. Black is a very thin nike shoes men color, with high heels to wear short boots, stretching the body ratio, with big legs is not a dream. Blue jeans with blue boots, pants length will not cover the design highlights to cover.

Pants + boots, spring is the most practical tide with

Different stature, different styles of pants choose the natural style is not the same. Thigh calf thin legs most suitable to wear tapered pants, and the length of a pair of pointy boots, lengthen the leg ratio.

lebron james shoes Thick calf girl is suitable for wearing flared pants, and eight bell-bottoms and boots with a very chic. Select a fringed split leg speaker pants, strong sense of design, with a pair of simple boots fashion personality. How to do leg type is not good enough, wearing straight jeans is the most suitable. Of course, there are eight wide leg pants, if you really want to wear tight pants, you can match a long section of the jacket, to cover up the shortcomings of the legs.

In so many pants, eight points is the most with the jeans, what color boots with eight jeans can leak a different charm, of course, with black boots is still very classic.

This year's metal silver is very popular, if you want to try, you can start from the boots, with a pair of jeans is very stylish. Small white boots this year is very popular with the public, with a long coat full gas field. Pants and short boots with their own relatively simple, and then put on a long section of the jacket, simple but also very gas field. Put on a very popular satin coat this year, there is a lazy noble temperament, stepping on the boots to walk all the way with the wind.

Classic double-breasted one heart, both sides of the real pocket is to put some small items of material is high-quality wind clothing, will nike shoes sale not play the ball Oh, mention fried chicken weight neat flanged collar, and shoulder Jane buckle good temperament!