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Pleated skirt with what shoes look better?
Summer came again to wear the skirt of the season, that the four seasons can nike factory store wear the skirt certainly not a pleated skirt, but also a fashionable wardrobe in the essential one. What kind of pleated skirt with what shoes look better?

1. pleated skirt + word with high heels

Pleated skirt with shoes the correct demonstration: the word with high-heeled sandals and pleated skirts are summer's most popular single product, with the more feminine flavor. If you are afraid of mistakes, the word with a sandals can first try black models, it can be used with a variety of colors and materials skirt. Pleated skirt skirt long best not to exceed your word, or can not highlight the ankle slim. Metal word with high root sandals are advanced pleated skirt with the law. Tang Yan with a white shirt with silver pleated skirt, metallic color to make the whole more fashionable, and finally with a pair of gold with a high root sandals, it is suitable for work girls dressing reference.

2. pleated skirt + pointed shoes

Pleated skirt with shoes correct demonstration: shirt plus pleated skirt and pointed high heels is to work without error to wear, choose a section of a sense of the belt or skirt fight color can make with less boring. You can also roll up the sleeve properly exposed skin, both cool and cool in the summer. In the nike shoes sale choice of shoes, solid color pointed high heels must not be wrong. If you are out shopping or leisure time party, you can choose a relatively bright pleated skirt. Bright color seems to take, in the pointed high heels with little thought, such as low-key elegant fight color and small thousands of birds grid pattern, you can make high-level personality. If you really want to reveal your slender ankle, choose a banded pointed heels to attract attention to the ankle are attracted to it. Skirt is best too long, or easy to look like a bad proportion.

3. pleated skirt + sneakers

Pleated skirt with shoes correctly demonstration: the shoes of the past few years the upsurge of increase, more and more fashion people are willing to use a variety of fashion sense of a single product to mix and match shoes, such as pleated skirt with sports shoes is capital fresh , Easy to have a feeling of age 10 years old. At this time, there are requirements for the choice of pleated skirt. Light and elegant material or the prevalence of this summer's metal fabric is a good choice, will not let you mix with too rigid.

4. pleated skirt + high-heeled cool nike factory outlet slippers

Pleated skirt with shoes the correct demonstration: thigh meat but legs pretty girl, the length of the knee near the pleated skirt is your great choice, it can show the pleated skirt elegant and soft, but also reveal the slender legs Lines, so pleated skirt looks younger and lively. Perspective blouse and white short coat can create a sense of hierarchy and fashion sense, if you want to wear this girl remember the whole body color is the best, so help to enhance the proportion, of course, heel can also be higher.

5. pleated skirt + ballet shoes

Pleated skirt with shoes correct demonstration: many girls love ballet shoes, because it is not only comfortable to wear temperament bonus points. Body bare pink with fresh and soft, pleated skirt high waist style and nude color ballet shoes have the effect of optimizing the proportion. Bright yellow pleated skirt with red ballet shoes, playful and pleasant, highlight the advantages of long legs.

6. pleated skirt + T with high heels

Pleated skirt with shoes the correct demonstration: T-shaped high-heeled shoes with the characteristics of destiny it is easy to look short legs, but with the good, make your pleated skirt more innovative than others. Girls can be as bold as the fashion bloggers with red and blue contrast, the same, this T-band has occupied a large area of ??the instep, so only the ankle skirt will look very embarrassing.

cheap nike shoes 7. pleated skirt + Buchan shoes

Pleated skirt with shoes the correct demonstration: Buchan drag the fire from the past few years, you can bring with pleated skirt, with a shirt, you can create a sense of fashion, remember the color of shoes as much as possible to choose black and white will not be wrong.