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Pants with shoes, in order to match the characters
1. trousers nikes on sale trousers

Every man should have a handsome suit. So, suit pants with must also master. No shoes are more suitable than the leather shoes with suit shoes! A pair of sharp pointed shoes, in business occasions will not let you fall into the wind If you feel the shoes rigid, then try Oxford shoes or lace with Martin boots, you can easily let you out of male model style.

2. Khaki pants / twill cloth pants section

Khaki pants belong to college wind, with white shoes and music shoes are very gentle atmosphere. If you do not like this rigid literary style, with shoes or boots more rough taste.

3. straight pants section

Black and white gray three-color straight pants type is easy to ride, whether it is shoes or casual sports shoes are no problem, but also pay attention to the proportion and level of the problem, in the wear when the trousers can not cover the uppers can not block the upper. If you can, roll your trousers will be more spiritual.

4. Foot pants / shrink pants models

nike air max women With the boundaries of fashion is broken, corset pants in the men with more and more popular. Compared to the previous design, the corset pants in many ways have done to improve the form of elastic band to highlight the ankle lines, and more prominent at the foot of the shoes. Shoe pants are shoes and sports shoes with experts. If you want to match the lace boots, remember do not put nike clearance your trousers in your boots.

5. Tooling pants

Although the men's boots is also easy to ride, but has been corresponding to the overalls is with the shoes of the thorn children, with more test skill. Like to try the trousers of the men who have to pay attention to, the overall suit itself is relatively large, with a large number of shoes will not appear to be top-heavy, such as high-top sports shoes and short boots.

6. Jeans

As we all know, jeans easy to take practical. If you want to recommend an undefeated shoes with jeans, then it is a simple point of the sneakers. If you want to take the rebellious personality of the street wind, Chelsea is the option you should try. However, although easy to ride, but do not die with Oxford shoes to take jeans.