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Men of quality, wins in the four pairs of texture shoes
Speaking wonderful! Girlfriend blind date only men's shoes. She beats by dre sale said men without shoes or shoes do not count as adults and can only be called boys or boys. In fact, except dress, shoes with more than you think. A pair of shoes as a finishing touch, the shape immediately mature atmosphere of beats earbuds a grade, and very stylish. Your shoe can be filled with different styles of shoes, wear a change every day do not feel tired.

Oxford shoes, you have to be more rigorous

Many people easily confuse Oxford, Derby, Block shoes and even other shoes. Just remember that: The Oxford shoe lacing lace design is closed.

Why wear more Oxford shoes, make you more rigorous? To see the influx of people to know it, it is generally used to dress suits to wear. Therefore, with particular attention to some details, such as the texture of accessories, clothing color coordination ~

Chelsea boots, you can be more personality

Chelsea boots simple design, low heel, beats headphones round toe, no shoelaces, boots up to the ankle, the general side there will be elastic to tighten the boots. Unlike leather shoes, Chelsea boots material, suede or suede material more generally with casual street style. But leather (or leather) Chelsea boots will be more cool, more tough taste!

Bullock shoes, you can be more gentleman

Bullock carved shoes, it is like a handicraft, it's toe with delicate flower nail hole pattern, and has beautiful lines flanks. Locke shoes compared to the above two shoes, you can be more casual. For example, with a casual shirt, or unbutton shirt buttons, but these with the casual and details, be sure to make your style enough "gentleman!" As another example, you can also pull the trousers trousers, revealing your carefully matched socks.

nike air max Loving shoes, you can be slightly casual

Carrefour shoes, multi-fingered without flat or low to help shoelaces, easy to wear and easy to take off. This should not be too much cognitive difficulty. Compared to the above three, this is more casual friends ~ can be equipped with any formal wear and casual wear, such as denim shirt, jeans, pajamas, jackets and so on. It is very tide exposed ankle, but cold or wear a pair of socks is good, but also very good goods Oh ~ recommended to wear nine pants, deliberately exposed a section of socks, not only by age, and instantly get the British style.