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Long t-shirt with what shoes long T-shirt with this shoes only girl feel
Summer, the mainstream single product certainly no less T-shirt, girls in the wardrobe is the most it is very casual and comfortable. We all know that short paragraph T-shirt and almost any shoes can be used. You know that long section T-shirt with what shoes look good? Long T-shirt Although there is no short T-shirt so wild, but in the shoes with a lot of options.

LOOK 1: gray stripes long T shirt skirt + white shoes

Smoke gray striped T-shirt dress is college atmosphere, with the same color long-sleeved T-shirt or sweater, will be free to ride on the shoulder, comfortable and stylish. Shoes choose leisure range children full of white shoes to make the shape more casual and pleasant. With brown retro square Messenger bag or shoulder bag are very suitable, of course, eye-catching red lips essential Oh.

LOOK 2: red and white stripes long T-shirt dress + casual shoes

nike outlet online Wide striped dress is relatively more atmospheric and thin, cocoon-style design is also very fashionable, and can be a good modification of the body. Red and white fight color is very bright and sweet, absolutely stripe new nike shoes fight color preferred Oh, because black and white fight color really bad street. With a personalized hat more cute playful, like the mushroom cool can try Oh

LOOK 3: black long T-shirt skirt + flat lebron 14 shoes

Black long T-shirt dress is very low-key, with the same color flat shoes and stockings, uniform color because of the purple lips embellishment and unusually sexy, elegant hem and meat, and then with a round sunglasses, Change fashion icon.

LOOK 4: letter pattern long T-shirt skirt + thick shoes

Long section T-shirt dress into the letter element more tide flu, and the lower part of the design with stripes more college atmosphere, with a baseball cap, personality and eye-catching. Feet thick shoes increased and booster field, the color echoes with the entire shape, very handsome and fresh with.

LOOK 5: black and white stripes long T-shirt + lazy shoes

The size of the stripes are very chic, side of the design of the seams and sexy fashion, casually with a pair of lazy shoes is very Fan from children. Bag recommended to choose the personality of the black handle bag or chain package, fine yet lost the king gas field.

LOOK 6: geometric pattern long T-shirt dress + leather shoes

Geometric pattern is very personal and steal the mirror, but also nowadays one of the most influential elements in the trend. With a leather shoes, handsome and delicate. Modern atmosphere full of sunglasses to fashion modeling index straight up, and a delicate chain package to the nike shop whole with more big Fan children.