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Jeans + high heels, beautiful not too much!
In the small white shoes in power today, we seem to almost forget the existence of high heels. In fact, Xiao Bian has always felt that jeans + high heels is the combination of domineering, properly out of the legs long, simple and practical and fashionable!

Small jeans + high heels = competent wild

Petite sister is always worried about the height, to slender legs is not simple? Choose high waist + nine feet of small feet jeans. Revealing a slender ankle, and then a pair of high heels blessing, incarnation of long legs is minutes of things.

A pair of jeans, it is important to be comfortable to wear, this is a selection of comfortable cowboy material, nine pants design, upper body is not only comfortable, and was significantly thin, fusion of fashion hole elements, a sense of leisure, foot Small curling, need to pay attention to the curling can not turn down Oh, with the same casual clothes on the look good.

Jeans is able to save the clothes to wear the real wear section, so there are so few closets in the closet is not too many, to introduce you to this a pair of jeans, it uses a selection of denim material, comfortable and elastic, zui special The place is its gradient, even if only take a white shirt will not seem monotonous, you can take it and other clothes in the closet with try to see if there is a different nike shox feeling of ordinary jeans ~

Has a bold cut design of the jeans, with black nike shoes a hollow way to cut out the stripes embellishment, unique people never forget. Small feet pants version of the legs so that more beautiful lines fine. Classic denim blue and elegant black, are skin white wild color, wear it, let yourself lead the new fashion it! Haha ~ this pants I have no courage to wear, you?

Refreshing spring and summer, perspective and splicing is king, a unique hole fishing net jeans, is to attract a good look a single product. Simple hole design too much, joined the mesh fabric stitching, so that it is uninhibited, more mysterious and fashion sense, Slim pants, brushed worn trousers, details everywhere reveal the freedom of personality, classic denim blue Thin and more wild, street shoot a good choice!

Straight jeans + high heels = retro fashion

Straight jeans in the past two years of street shooting in a hot attitude to become a high rate of one of the single product, do not highlight the legs of the comfortable version of the line, and comes with "handsome BOY" temperament, let it be The influx of people all the way. Revealing the slender ankle is not only high, was thin, but also more feminine!

Wardrobe in the same single product must not be less, black jeans. Facial trousers deliberately designed missing one, with the effect of tearing. It is very good, the texture is solid, both sides of the knee is not very proud of the hole, the appropriate handsome, but also a lot of money, sense. As a wild section, recommended to start.

Very simple a pair of jeans, zipper a buckle waist style, wear off the convenience, more waist, before and after the pocket design, beautiful and practical both sides of the legs on both sides of the splicing design, work well, leisure and free and easy With the sexy, personality and yet fashion sense, style wild do not pick people, free and very fashionable Oh ~

nike sale Very practical a pair of jeans, moderate thickness of the denim fabric, multi-season wear, nine minutes of the length of a good look, upper body neat not procrastination. Loose straight version of the type of design, not only successfully elongated the proportion of legs, but also wearing comfortable with the casual, can be used with a variety of random ride, do not seem bloated, irregular trousers design, very personality. Add a stylish atmosphere.

This year the big flanging straight pants is simply too popular, loose version of the type can be a good modification is not the legs type, super wild, was thin and comfortable, a variety of casual clothes with casual, high-end denim denim fabric! A few hundred dollars jeans quality, cost-effective how high, who wear who know Oh ~ soft cloth skin care, no stiff feeling, very comfortable.