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How small winter shoes with dwarf shoes were thin and stylish dressing skills
Shorts + high-heeled boots

lebron james shoes If you feel short legs, then winter it is necessary to expose it, then this time choose to wear shorts is the best. There are many shorts you can wear in winter, the key depends on how you choose. If your thigh is still a little thick, then choose the wide leg short paragraph is the best. This year is very popular wide-legged leather shorts, black is also more significant choice. If you do not like to wear leather pants, then you can choose woolen shorts, try to choose the high waist version. In addition, there is the kind of skirts like skirts will be good.

Of course, winter can not wear shorts bareheaded, which to match pantyhose, nike outlet store but not with casual. Black is the cheap nikes most obvious choice of the most skinny, while gray pantyhose is also a good choice. Finally, with a pair of simple high-heeled boots just fine.

Blue jeans + knee boots

If your legs are thin, your best match is skinny jeans with black knee boots. Do not be overwhelmed to hear knee boots, a small man can wear it well. Jeans with knee boots is the most popular wear this year, you can wear, you really should have laughed. But for the choice of jeans, do not choose low waist, waist was thin and leg length. Then is the choice of knee boots, leather and suede. Smell the most significant thin, and must choose the tight style, do not wear wide boots, or disaster.

Wide leg pants + Peas shoes

If you are not confident of your leg type, then boldly wear wide leg pants. All kinds of wide-leg pants are your world. But personally think that kind of winter common woolen wide leg pants do not choose, if you big ass do not choose. Choosing the wide-leg jeans denim is good, and then with a pair of plush Peas shoes, warm and beautiful.

Woolen tapered pants + small black shoes

Super popular this year, tapered pants Xiaobian recently beloved thing, have to say very advanced and thin pants, and very good with. nike running shoes If your leg shape can be more symmetry, a little rough does not matter, after all, was thin thing. Finally, with a pair of simple black little shoes, perfect. Although not high heels, but it does not affect.