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Girls wear down jacket to take 4 pairs of shoes, especially the first 2 pairs
Into the cold winter, many girls have turned out from the closet, warm down jacket, cheap nike shoes but many sister will worry that down jacket to wear both bloated and can not show bright side. In fact, the sister paper may not have to worry about, in fact, some warm winter wear is necessary, as long as you spend some effort on the shoes, stylish is still very simple.

Martin boots

Martin boots a class of shoes to give you to create a personality nike trainers style, petite girls can wear high heels and Martin boots to dress up, so that your jacket does not look bloated. And Martin boots can add a sense of overall style, even more distinctive. "Tight on the tight" is also a thin principle, tight feet pants or Martin boots and loose upper body in stark contrast. Jeans version and the proportion of good design, put on the high and stylish degree plus a lot of points! With boots or shoes can be exposed ankle, and micro-La version of the calf can block out the short version of the thick!

nike free run And ankle boots

Pointed and ankle boots + wide leg pants + short down jacket = neat! Properly expose the ankle can also be visually increased, stretch the body ratio! Wild autumn and winter models based on the rough with retro socks boots, even if readily take a jacket on the body, free to wear a sweater, but also make you full of fashion sense.

sports shoes

Down jacket with slim jeans, the trousers slightly higher than the ankle, put on enduring sports shoes, is a high and sexy winter fashion Oh. With a small feet jeans, looked very wild and handsome feel, a pair of white shoes with an instant ankle stretch the visual proportion of the body, was high and thin! Anti-collision wear toe, comfortable and beautiful, warm and velvet inside with good breathability! Appropriate height walking not tired! Put on the body at the same time it is very fashionable! Do not run cotton design, loose version suitable for a variety of figure sister! Thermal effect is also very good!

snow boots

To snow boots with down jacket fashion sense, we should pay attention to the point with the whole body color not more than three colors, or else not only looked very bloated will visually feel dirty, as far as possible down jacket color and snow boots Color matching.