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Girls must have five pairs of shoes to see you in the shoe there?
A: small white shoes

Small white shoes to wear comfortable and easy to match clothes are loved by the people, almost all girls of all ages can easily control the living, but the style is single, but the simple style of the classic style is well received by the majority of female consumers, And the street shot really feel, but also highlights the leg lines, looks straight and slender, more playful cute! Whether it is jeans, wide-leg pants or trousers can easily match with it, its function really won the favor.

Two: British boots

England Fan children have been to enjoy the romantic elegance of people, but also the inherent sense of British shoes itself is the feeling of other shoes can not be replaced, although it does not have the high end and body, but it can stretch the legs well Lines, keeping the legs slender state of feeling, fashion and durable, and shoes made of the material is also more soft and comfortable, good texture, give silky care of the feet. With anything you can show a strong sense of visual.

Three: nude color high heels

Sometimes we attend some more formal occasions, so, high heels are essential shoes, we wear more elegant feet on the stance, and the nude color will be more sense of sophistication, elegant feeling Rather in the field of vision, in the formal occasions to show their own decent side, and to some extent, lengthening the leg lines, demonstrate vibrant elegance! With a very feminine dress is unique charm.

Four: Love kobe 11 shoes

nike factory store Carrefour shoes have been known for their comfort and softness, suitable for shopping occasions such as wearing, because of its high comfort, so it will not show tired feeling, and most of the appearance of sleek, classic shape does not seem obsolete as people Favored, wear very full on the feet feel air max very full.

Exquisite shoes worn on the feet are very significant texture, and very good shoe version, for the foot shape has a good shaping effect, the simple atmosphere of the British style show its own atmosphere, and soft and comfortable material, the foot is very comfortable, There will be no feeling of grinding feet, just the right length to stretch the leg lines, very significant figure.