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Four kinds of shoes with tight jeans, hot body can not stop!
Tight jeans a cheap nike shoes man, your closet certainly more than that. Jeans that can be used all year long are stylish and have a lot of moisture. So the question is the basic section of tight jeans you really wear fashionable degree? Edit to tell you, with these four kinds of shoes definitely let you hot body unstoppable!

Mill shoes

Set stylish, elegant, wild and real wear in one of the Mules shoes, in recent years, numerous circles in the fashion circle. It is not limited to foot type, easy to wear simple, casual ride, can reveal a retro and stylish, simple and casual temperament. With jeans is the most classic wear method. Lazy mules shoes and handsome jeans combination, while retaining the original free and easy temperament of leisure based on the addition of a kind of intellectual femininity.

High heels

Very small foot jeans outline leg type, legs and legs do not let go, coupled with high heels is the sense of both chopsticks legs, with a variety of tops to do backing is also stable. Jeans take the high heels apparently more feminine, a little more sexy, temperament are all "step nike shoes on sale on stilts" step out!

nike factory store Knee-length boots

As we all know, jeans is a magical single versatile community. A pair of washed denim take a pair of black knee-length boots, can be well modified leg type, not only shows a slender legs, but also handsome and warm, but this is the thin girl girl bold presumptuous match.

Short boots

Jeans and boots are the classic autumn and winter wardrobe based on a single product, the same pair of jeans nike store with different colors of boots, there is always a different charm. Jeans with white shoes more youthful vitality, but with a small black boots is classic.