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Concave shape, how can a pair of knee boots less
black nike shoes To say that this year's most popular autumn and winter shoes, knee boots can definitely count one. Not only can instantly piercing the supermodel-like big legs, but also has a super wild strength, with dresses and pants are perfect. Star people have long been wearing it beautiful quarter, and soon the New Year should also buy high value shoes to reward themselves!

Charming stiletto boots with a magical stovepipe effect, especially the calf a bit fleshy girls, thin high heel and pointed toe can easily create slender graceful legs for you . Legs or loose version of the legs are full of flavor, with it to cool leather, handsome no lack of sexy.

Coarse knee-high boots with thin than with the easier to control, walking is not easy to get tired, even if the daily rush to work crowded subway do not be afraid. Both real wear and wild, is definitely a fashionable spermatozoon love a shoe, the general wear a sharp tip will be relatively high, fat fat feet are very comfortable to wear.

From a more comfortable and good point of view, flat or slightly increased within the more popular boots. Suit with self-cultivation suit or waist down jacket is very effective, but also appears to have bumpy body. For girls who love to wear skirts, choose a short mini skirt will be better, as far as possible to keep the skirt and boots to maintain a longer distance, nikes on sale more able to piercing the sense of hierarchy.

Knitted boots are generally divided into two clocks, texture clear texture wool boots and this year's very popular stockings boots. Both self-cultivation effect is very strong, high-heeled still is standard, higher, hip and stovepipe, serve multiple purposes. However, the design of socks is close to make it more critical for the leg type, not recommended fleshy sister follow suit.

With a heap of patent leather boots lift another fashion this year, suitable for some casual clothing, interpretation of the trend of the street Fan. Fall and winter seasons want to continue to reach people style, beautiful eye-catching paint leather boots is your first choice, wear out of fashion piercing attitude, fashion is so arbitrary.

Boots more variety of materials, but the suede is one discount nike shoes of the representatives of style, short delicate fluff to do everything possible to promote nike outlet the shoes also vividly style. Black suede is wearing a very wild is a texture and delicate, more suitable for the gray-brown with a series of light-colored, clear division of labor to choose more suitable for their style models.