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Colorful print dress with shoes more beautiful
1. Mary Jane shoes, it is easy to take the feeling of retro cute, suitable for elegant and lovely skirt.

2. Oxford shoes, Lok Fu shoes, college wind skirt good friends, put on the college after the big points plus points.

3. elegant little white shoes with beautiful print dress can be described as a perfect match!

4. summer is coming, the more simple sandals such as sandwich sandals, the word with sandals are a good choice.

nike clearance 5. Of course, ultimately, with high heels to match, even more elegant temperament.

Every woman's shoe cabinet must have several pairs or dozens of pairs of sultry high heels, it can not only give you a strong gas field and elegant temperament, the most important thing is that it can lengthen your legs for the Lines, to create the perfect ratio, become the legs to kill. And now, high heels are not just nike store used with a dress, a variety of high heels and pants mix and match is fashionable Oh

High heels with jeans

High heels with jeans is the most common mix and match, with the free and easy nature of straight jeans and feminine full of high heels, two different styles can wear a sexy, blue and fresh mix is ??also very suitable for spring and summer season. Pink and blue with the girl is surging, high waist wear method is to create the perfect long legs.

High heels with bell-bottoms

In addition to straight-style jeans, trumpet-like shape of a little more feminine, and high heels with the phase is complement each other.

High heels with sports pants

This year the movement of the wind mix is ??the main theme, high heels and sports pants appearance rate in the street shot in the high rate of appearance. Very personal and fashionable wear law, not get up?

Tight jeans with high heels

Jeans with high heels has long been nothing new, tight jeans style is with the high heels with the complement each other, modified legs at the same time, but also elongated lower body proportion, very feminine.

Spring and summer season high heels shoes colorful, with blue jeans to make the body more richer.

Tight jeans with sports shoes

Has long been no longer a simple running shoes, classic color and light comfort make it into the ranks of the fashion circle, with tight jeans to wear, it is dynamic. Sports wind mix and match is the main theme of this year, tight jeans and sports shoes with together, very young age with young girls Fan children Oh.

Tight jeans with lazy shoes

Lazy shoes commonly known as a pedal, the spirit of jeans with no shoelaces lazy shoes, very simple, with the color is a test of your skills and skills Oh

Tight jeans with small white shoes

Blue tight jeans and kobe 11 small white shoes with the spring and summer of the most common blue and white, fresh and simple, the most comfortable visual nerve. And wild little white shoes forever Oh