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Boots with what clothes look good with six kinds of transfiguration trend of people
With look 1: high collar sweater + high waist shorts + boots

black and white nikes Short boots with shorts is very suitable, in the cool autumn sweater played a warm role. With a high waist shorts show a large leg that visual sense, and then with the boots is simply too good to see, there are fashion Fan children. But in order to prevent the best cold with a flesh-colored leggings, girls have to protect their own legs Oh

With Look 2: sweater + boots

Boots directly with a long section of the sweater is nothing more than a sense of feeling just do not too tide too Fan children. Loose sweater by a lot of people love, with the boots of this dress is also a lot cheap nikes of female friends must wear law, both warm and can show sexy big legs.

With look 3: short jacket + feet trousers + boots

In the fall, the short trousers with a short jacket and then with a pair of boots such a wear is very common, although very common but it is very Fan children so loved. If you want to be high pro who can choose outside the high boots, will make you look Guards days long legs.

With look 4: long coat + Slim trousers + boots

Boots with a long coat can be said to be perfect match, but also the most common in life. Usually see wearing a long coat of women almost no one with the shoes is not a shoe, we can see its popular. Boots with a long coat to give a European and American fashion big range of children, it is particularly temperament.

With Look 5: Slim blouse + dress + boots

In the fall can also wear some relatively thick section of the dress, with self-cultivation shirt looks very goddess lebron james shoes temperament, and then with the boots is also particularly stylish, a little Korean feel. Short boots really quite wild, can easily match a variety of styles of clothing.

With look 6: shirt + wide leg pants + boots

Wide leg pants and long skirts are very popular, in the autumn wear wide leg pants with a white shirt nike air max but match, and then with a pair of cool black boots is simply too Fan children, and looks very young college wind. This wear in the life of the current is relatively rare, crush who quickly learn it ~ let you change the fashion of people up to the second.