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New Products For April


  • The history of the most flat shoes choose to wear Raiders, did not even with high!
    The weather is getting hot, the little master who must have taken off the heavy shoes, summer is to wear light flat shoes it Although flat shoes look like the style seems very simple, but also no big change, but in the selection and match the need to pay attention to the point there are still many! So today the ball came to tell the little master how to choose the appropriate flat shoes!

    Ballet flat shoes such shoes this two years is the fire, because it is light and comfortable, is the weapon of the liberation of the feet, go to school do not have to say, it is a good friend of shopping! And is evolved by the ballet dancers of the dance shoes, so born with a ballet dancing light Smart temperament.

    On the shoes, ballet flat shoes can be divided into round and pointed two, round gentle and pleasant, pointed intellectual chic. To show the legs long, pointed because there is the feeling of extending the back of the instep, so the effect of the legs longer. Summer legs more choice in the case of skin color similar to the bare color flat shoes, extending the effect of long legs is also very good. Similarly, the more exposed the feet, the more leg long.

    Ballet flat shoes evolved to the present, the most popular must be lace models, Tim a bit elegant temperament, more like a ballet dancer, but with no tie compared to the effect of repair legs also made a discount on the leg requirements Is also high, suitable for ankle fine small master Coarse lap with a bit classical, but stuck in the ankle, accidentally cut the legs will be short.

    Slightly with the locomotive wind lace recently in the show field and street beat in a sudden fire up, and indeed gentle and handsome coexist. But the ball personally think that it is still careful to choose. Because the elements are more complex, cumbersome sense, the feet are equivalent to the lace cover, exposed directly above the ankle, it is easy to expose the legs. Really like the tie-up elements may wish to choose this kind of foot in the buckle style, much like we wear shoes for a child. One is not so monotonous, and second to add a little girl good temperament.

    Ballet flat shoes is very wild ~ various styles of various occasions it can be the best hold live ~ the most common is with casual pants, with the rate of true, remember to reveal the ankle! nike air max sale Trousers too long will give people a kind of procrastination of falling feeling. In the download and the color of the shoes as much as possible to keep the same or close, or there will be a little sense of violation. See contrast:

    nike outlet store This type of wide-legged skirt pants is very interesting, in general, flat shoes with seven or eight long wide leg pants or long skirt will not be very long legs, and then a little longer to the length of the ankle but the effect is better.

    There are also some discussion before that, with a tight skirt or A word skirt legs were thin, the ball after the practice found that nothing big difference. There is a fork on the left so it looks a little longer leg. Long skirt, whether it is soft or stiff fabric version type, ballet flat shoes can hold live.

    Summer, our good friends, of course, sandals slightly, a pair of good sandals can make you feel not bound, do nike shox whatever you wanna do! To be honest, flat sandals is indeed no high-heeled sandals show legs long, but wins in the comfortable, want to show legs long, or some small tips!

    2017-04-27 10:19:22
  • So with the tide is not the focus, the focus is thin!
    The temperature rises, the skirt wears ~ super full skirt with Dafa, let your skirt make the best use.

    Chiffon shirt or solid color T + umbrella skirt is a highlight of the sweet temperament of a major meaning. My mother said to spring cover autumn frozen Well, so like this outside the package is very warm jacket Oh it.

    If the skirt is more fancy, shoes, the more low the better.

    Office workers favorite - pencil skirt, skirt, with a suit, with a shirt can be friends, but because it is almost the same width up and down, no effect on the modified legs, legs thick sister cautious into.

    Denim skirt, jacket or cowboy do not have flavor. There are chiffon skirt, brought a simple sweater

    When wearing a coat, with what shoes the best look

    One word buckle go show high heels

    Highly appropriate, foot feeling is also good, very like the style, wild shoes inside the comfortable, soft material, especially like, wear for a long time is not tired, so that shoes with the foot, and look very white feet Oh!

    Open-toed rabbit hair banded with a thin sandals in Rome

    We first choose this Rome nike shoes sale fine sandals nike store it, looks really beautiful, summer wear that is really too appropriate, and wear in the feet fashion is also very generous temperament, even more women's body.

    Sweet sandals fish mouth shoes

    Classic resistance is not picking people, no matter how far away are not tired feet, with a better look at the skirt, is simply the day for the co-operation.

    nike sale Catwalk artifact model high heels

    Waterproof platform wearing a foot will not hurt also stabilize the band are very soft, able to exquisite show your temperament, but also increase your height

    Fine with sandals pointed high heels

    High-quality fine workmanship, make you more sexy, more charming. The overall style of fashion, simple and generous, elegant yet yet noble, there are many fashion gorgeous, perfect women must share.

    2017-04-26 10:03:10
  • Nine pants with flat shoes, is the most tide of wearing this year!
    As we all know, the spring is the most popular and classic fashionable download a single product, was undoubtedly pants. And with nine pants with flat shoes this group of CP, it is everyone can control the universal wear routines, not only both comfortable and fashionable, more importantly, you do not have to wear high heels, but also easy to wear large legs Of the visual sense, called the spring with the most tide ah!

    Why nine pants with flat shoes can be significantly thin? Answer all in the ankle - nine pants long, just to our most slender ankle exposed, but also to avoid too much of the legs will be split into two legs Half, so no matter what you choose is a nine pants type, even with flat shoes, can be visually realized thin and long legs effect.

    And nine pants + flat shoes combination is also very wild really wear, you can easily hold any of your nike running shoes coat jacket, contracted all the fashionable spring and summer with, to help you fashionable type of effort. This is not, nine pants + flat shoes, has become a variety of fashionable actress spring standard.

    Want to use the pants with pants with the sleeves of the routine piercing the ideal was nike trainers significantly thin effect, the first nine pants version of the type of choice is very important. Due to different pants type for the modification of the effect of the legs are different, you need to combine their own to find the most suitable for their own that one, here by Xiaoming students to introduce several common classic base section of nine pants The

    Nine points black tights, is the most wild and thin classic models of a single product. Black itself is very good was thin effect, with the tight version of the type, you can in the visual moment was thin, is definitely everyone's wardrobe will store the basis of a single product.

    Nine points black tights can also achieve countless kinds of possible, whether it is cool handsome wind or elegant wind can be managed to ease. If your own legs is enough straight, may wish to choose this with a sense of glossy black tight leather pants, even chic unruly Fan Fan.

    nike clearance If you feel the basic section of the nine-point black tights too boring, you can also choose the knees at the hole style, fashion doubled at the same time, will be visually elongated leg lines, so that the whole person looks more tall The

    If you are part of the buttocks or thighs at the more flesh-like pear-shaped body, but also do not want to cover the coat because of the coat led to the waist was pulled low, then nine points pipe pants will definitely create the perfect choice of perfect leg type. The so-called pipe pants, refers to the degree of relaxation between the straight pants and pencil pants between the pants type, this design not only fit your hips, but to the thighs left a relaxed space, cleverly covered stout Thighs, and because it is relatively loose, you can also perfectly hide your legs are not straight defects, so that your legs look more straight and thin.

    2017-04-25 10:10:55
  • Fashion up to teach you wide leg pants with what shoes simple twists and turns change the goddess!
    Wearing a knowledge is not only need to buy clothes, but also need to wear clothes. More important is not only should pay attention to clothes and pants, shoes with the match, you should also be the whole person into the overall observation. If you are a small fresh style, when wearing wide leg pants Xiaobian proposal with a blessing shoes. As the street shot the highest trend of a single product, and then with wide leg pants will inadvertently increase your sense of the tide, so that your taste of the whole person greatly improved.

    cheap nike basketball shoes And because the Lok Fu heel is relatively short, walking will be particularly comfortable, cortical fabric texture in particular, the color is simple. So love shoes and wide leg pants with both show your big legs, but also in a simple way to highlight your beauty.

    Secondly, if you are a mature girl to go mature, then in the wide leg pants with Xiaobian proposal with high heels. A pair of high heels can enhance your temperament from the inside nike sneakers out, plus wide leg pants random and generous, letting the whole person full of elegance and connotation. Can be among the mortal beings in the most low-key way to show your charm.

    Finally, if you are a casual wind people, wide leg pants can also be used with sports shoes. The most popular is the black wide leg pants with small white shoes. In the summer is cool and stylish, sports wind hot air max today, most people will choose to match the two together, free to do is to wear the highest realm of wear.

    Simple and not monotonous is the current pursuit of people wearing, with the exaggerated extravagant wind compared to the more able to show you from the inside nike sale out of your unique charisma, and wide leg pants and sports shoes with exactly the match with this Claim. With absolutely not purely each piece of goods together, but according to your own characteristics to wear wear. A good shoe pants to wear is not only reflected in your charm, but also to reveal your character.

    2017-04-24 10:07:49
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